What We Do

In 21st century world became too closer and more competitive.We do to expand the different types of business.Our main theme is how to developed any kind of business with online in easy & shortest way.

Who We Are

Since 2014 a set of well trained IT student started working together. Then they did some project with quality as like freelancer. After done few project with client satisfaction they moved to professional label and they found IT Castle.

What We Offer

For increase your business revenue and easy way to management we offer all kind of IT service. We have a research team, a software development team, website development team,art & graphics design team & 24/7 support team. 


Our Philosophy

We believe in openness

Different people see things from different perspectives and through their own filters and experiences. As such, it is important that everybody’s opinion counts. My office door is always open and people can always come to me with their ideas and thoughts, whether it is to improve on existing systems or practices, or whether it is to propose new ideas.

We have a laissez-faire policy in terms of staff and our people are free to propose any new ideas and help in their implementation. Only through such a culture of openness can we maximise the creativity and value of our people.


Got a big decision to make?

One of the meta skills that organisations will need to develop if they are to flex their innovation muscle is the ability to do great brainstorming sessions. Top Reasons why brainstorming sessions fail: Too Less or Too Many people involved in the session.

For example, imagine you are a marketing director and one of your team, Fred, has been under-performing for some time. Brainstorming and Ideation Management Self Improvement choice decision leadership management method option three by threeLet’s say you are faced with a tough problem.


Creative Process

IT Castle Culture is the overall environment; space, attitude, freedom, management style, and actual physical surroundings which all work together to create a total milieu which attempts to make each individual better and happier on a whole, so that each one of us will then spread this to each other, our customers, and everyone we encounter

IT Castle is as known for its IT Services and for its happiness at work corporate culture. Their recruitment policy is simple: you must match the corporate culture. This is the first thing that the manager looks at and it’s the aspect that will weigh more heavily on the recruitment, or not, of the future employee.


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MD.Rakib Ahamed

Executive Director

Mahade Hassan Khan

Chief Operating Officer

Bidyut Kumar